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Red Bull’s “race within the race” results

Red Bull’s “race within the race” results

Do you remember Time Rush? We are talking about the race within the race, proposed by red-bull during the bike course of 2017 challenge rimini. The last 4k of Monte Grimano climb, were indeed the scenery of a time trial dedicated to all the athletes who still had a...
Challenge Rimini 2017 results

Challenge Rimini 2017 results

The following are complete results of Challenge Rimini 2017: All Podiums Women Men Relay Women Relay Men Relay...
Happiness is coming back to 2017 Challenge Rimini

Happiness is coming back to 2017 Challenge Rimini

The winning partnership is renewed to excite not only the little ones. Challenge Rimini will offer, this year as well, big surprises from its partnership with Happiness. This brand’s attention switched this year on the young athletes, on whose races, Happiness family...
Noberasco is the Healthy Sponsor of 2017 Challenge Rimini

Noberasco is the Healthy Sponsor of 2017 Challenge Rimini

Triathlon is an endurance multisport. It is indispensable for the support of the physical activity during trainings and during races, the choice of an appropriate diet that satisfies the high energetic need. For this reasons Noberasco chose to be side by side with all...
All 2017-Races Starting list

All 2017-Races Starting list

These are the definitive Starting List of all races of the weekend:: Challenge Rimini Challenge Rimini – Bib number (PDF) Challenge Rimini – (A-Z) (PDF) Challenge Rimini – Without Membership (A-Z) (PDF) Team Relay Team Relay – Bib number (PDF)...
Jaked&Challenge Rimini: all the advantages dedicated to you

Jaked&Challenge Rimini: all the advantages dedicated to you

Starting from the chance to rent wetsuits, passing through the incredible discounts exclusively dedicated to athletes; let us introduce you to all the advantages that Challenge Rimini and Jaked have made just for you. We have already announced that Jaked will be again...

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You can find all photos of Challenge Rimini 2017 on: marathon-photos.com


The Championship

Take part to Challenge Rimini
and get a chance to qualify for THE CHAMPIONSHIP, a middle distance championship for elites and age group from all over the world that will take place in Samorin, in Solvakia on the 3rd June 2016. The Best of the Best, and unmissable race for all triathlon lovers… a unique opportunity to enter in the history of triathlon.

Our Sponsors

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Challenge Rimini - Can

Wetsuit rental

For any wetsuit rentals, please feel free to contact triathlon@jaked.it before April 30, 2017. Please write:
• Name and surname
• Height (cm)
• Weight (kg))

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You can pick up the wetsuit on race day at the Jaked booth / Challenge Rimini Expo.

Bike Transport

Bicycle transportation service for Challenge Rimini athletes
HOME > RACE > HOME service

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Sport2build: Challenge Rimini is the opportunity to help someone in needs...

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Beach Games

beach games

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Media Partners

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Challenge Rimini becomes Challenge Riccione
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